Army Tests Anti-Jam Antenna Capabilities for Assured PNT

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. (November 21, 2016) – The Army recently completed an extensive laboratory test of Global Positioning System (GPS) Anti-Jam antenna capabilities, a key step toward enabling Soldiers to maneuver safely on the battlefield.

The tests were completed in mid-November by the Army’s Direct Reporting Program Manager Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PM PNT), in collaboration with the Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center (CERDEC). Over the course of eight weeks, anti-jam systems were tested in an anechoic chamber at the Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Compatibility and Antenna Test (REMCAT) facility located at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Ten antenna systems were assessed on their ability to receive GPS satellite signals in contested environments to accurately determine a platform’s PNT. The antennas were tested in two configurations: stand alone on a ground plane and mounted on a Stryker vehicle.

“PM PNT is dedicated to reducing Warfighter vulnerabilities and increasing PNT resiliency across the battlefield.” said Deputy Program Manager Michael Trzeciak. “With the recent testing of anti-jam antenna capabilities, we’re one step closer to ensuring our Soldiers have access to trusted GPS signals even when operating in contested environments.”

GPS signals are inherently weak by the time they reach the earth’s surface and susceptible to interference, whether accidental (such as terrain conditions) or intentional (such as jamming by an adversary). The job of anti-jam antennas is to enable continued access to GPS even when impeded or denied.

The anti-jam capability is just one of the solutions under development within PM PNT. Assured PNT (A-PNT) is a system of systems solution designed to complement each other. In addition to anti-jam antennas, A-PNT consists of pseudolites, which will provide PNT data to users when GPS satellite signals are distorted or unavailable; dismounted PNT, a scalable and upgradable GPS receiver that will send secure PNT data to the Soldier; and mounted PNT, a scalable and upgradable PNT system for mounting within a platform.

The A-PNT program focuses on platform distribution of PNT, scalable PNT architectures that outpace the threat, and the ability to upgrade to future technologies, including Military Code (M-Code). M-Code is expected to further improve anti-jamming capabilities and secure access of Military GPS signals.

PM PNT continues to test system capabilities for the A-PNT program in an effort to deliver innovative PNT technologies that will augment and enhance GPS for Soldiers in the field. The A-PNT anti-jam antennas are expected to be available for fielding in fiscal year 2022.

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