DAGR Software Update

New Operating Software has been released for field reprogramming of all Army DAGR receivers. Download the new software (reference MWO number/date and MMIS ID number) from DAGR download section.

But wait – Before you load the new software, you need to take two steps to ensure you have the proper hardware configurations:

  1. Check the data plate under the battery pack: If you have DAGR version 3.1(identified by NSN 8038) you need to turn it in for a replacement DAGR version 3.2 (NSN 4783).
  2. Check your DAGR 3.2 Serial numbers against the DAGR Retrofit database to determine if you have any DAGRs requiring “Retrofit”. This is not the same as reprogramming software. Detailed guidance for how to implement the 3.1 turn-in and the 3.2 Retrofit verification process is provided in the Maintenance Advisory Message (title date) found elsewhere on this website.

Once you have brought your unit to the right hardware configurations of DAGR 3.2, go ahead and reprogram the new operating software.

Take action to get your DAGR fleet in proper hardware and software configuration now!