A majority of Army systems today are using unprotected PNT, making technology in the field vulnerable and thus causing a risk to our Soldiers. PM PNT is working to develop secure, authenticated access to PNT information that ensures increased protection, elimination of redundancies, and an affordable migration path to future PNT technologies across the Army. To improve the operational environment, PM PNT provides oversight to PNT technology development and the systems of system architecture (SoSA) creation, while managing existing systems such as the DAGR, GB-GRAM, and A-PNT technology systems.

All products managed by PM PNT are military grade PNT User Equipment. PM PNT receiver products have the ability to track secure (military only) GPS signals (Y-code), operate on dual GPS signal frequencies, and handle a minimum of 12 channels. All PM PNT products provide real-time precise PNT services for a variety of field missions including precision fires, situational awareness, command and control and timing and network synchronization. PM PNT is currently developing technology that will be able to track Military Code (M-Code).

Defense Advanced GPS Receiver

336,555 fielded from 2004-2015; transitioned to Communications-Electronics Command for sustainment

DAGR is a 12-channel receiver intended primarily for handheld use, which includes a graphical user interface that greatly enhances a Soldier’s situational awareness, effectiveness and safety. It was procured as the next generation replacement for the aging PLGR, and provides more secure and accurate service in a much smaller and less power-hungry package. It can be mounted into platforms or integrated into other systems to provide PNT service.

The DAGR uses state-of-the-art GPS receiver technology including “All in View” satellite tracking for better accuracy, and the Selective Availability Anti-Spoof Module (SAASM) for improved security.

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DAGR - Defense Advanced GPS Receiver

Ground Based GPS Receiver Applications Module

120,000 fielded 2004-2015; still in production

The GB-GRAM is an open architecture specification that defines non-proprietary functional, performance, and interface requirements for a family of secure embeddable GPS receivers. GB-GRAM embedded GPS receivers are capable of processing the Precise Positioning Service (PPS) signal to provide highly accurate, real-time, PNT information 24-hours a day under all weather conditions.

The GB-GRAM specification (MIL-PRF-GB-GRAM-300) defines requirements that target the ground domain. The current production version of GB-GRAM is provided in the Small Serial Interface (SSI) form factor. This product, delivered under the GB-GRAM contract, is the Miniature Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver (PLGR) Engine- Selective-Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) (MPE-S). The MPE-S is an embeddable lightweight “All in View,” dual-frequency, continuously tracking GPS receiver that uses the SAASM to access the PPS signal. The functions and capabilities of the SSI-GB-GRAM are tailored to suit the operational requirements of ground-based platforms with low-dynamic characteristics including mounted and dismounted land users and waterborne vehicles. SSI-GB-GRAM can be integrated into a wide variety of command, control, communications, and computer systems to host system functions including position location, target location, time synchronization, rendezvous, and en-route and terminal navigation.

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GB-GRAM - Ground Based GPS Receiver Applications Module