DAGR Distributed Device

Production starting 2014
[column width=”1/2″ position=”first” ] The DAGR Distributed Device (D3) is a single device that can replace as many as eight GPS receivers mounted in a platform (ground vehicle, aircraft, etc.). The D3 re-uses DAGR mounts and accessories and provides four (4) data connectors allowing multiple client systems to simultaneously receive positioning and timing data independently, including 1PPS. The D3 can also provide the HAVE QUICK signal to as many as four radios simultaneously. The D3 uses an embedded GB-GRAM for SAASM security and all-in-view accuracy and robustness. The D3 is upgradeable to M-Code without requiring reintegration of the client systems.

[/column] [column width=”1/4″ position=”last” ]D3 - DAGR Distributed Device