Program Manager Positioning, Navigation and Timing is Established as a Direct Report to the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Timing

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. (July 14, 2015) – The Product Director, Positioning, Navigation & Timing (PD PNT) has been provisionally established as a Direct Reporting Program Manager (PM) PNT to the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology (ASA(ALT)) within the System of Systems Engineering & Integration directorate. With this establishment, Mr. Kevin M. Coggins will now serve as Program Manager and Mr. Michael Trzeciak as Deputy Program Manager of PM PNT.

PNT is a critical dependency to Army capabilities with technologies that cut across all of the portfolios within ASA(ALT). The provisional establishment of PM PNT will allow the organization to address broader projects and PNT initiatives, and plan for the major changes that are expected to occur over the next decade, including transitioning from legacy Global Positioning Systems (GPS) capabilities to Military GPS User Equipment and Assured PNT capabilities.

The new structure will ensure a focused, coordinated effort that will give the Army and other Defense services the ability to outpace threats and increase efficiencies in PNT implementation.

During its provisional establishment, PM PNT will continue to address critical issues and initiatives for PNT capabilities across ASA(ALT) portfolios. It will work with the Program Executive Offices and Program Managers to enable an enterprise approach to PNT, ensuring U.S. Soldiers have access to Assured PNT when they need it.

On June 16, 2015, Mr. Coggins, a U.S. Army civilian in the Army Acquisition Corps, was appointed to the Senior Executive Service as Program Manager PM PNT.

The Honorable Ms. Heidi Shyu, the Army Acquisition Executive, presided over the ceremony and administered the oath of office.

“Today we welcome a new member to the ranks of Army Senior Executive, the latest and newest, Kevin Coggins,” stated Ms. Shyu at the appointment ceremony. “With this term appointment, Kevin Coggins becomes our new Program Manager for Positioning, Navigation, and Timing, or PNT, which is a critically important area for the members of our armed forces that’s conducting operations worldwide.”

As Program Manager for PM PNT, Mr. Coggins will continue his responsibility for the development, acquisition, fielding and life cycle support of the Army’s portfolio of PNT programs – capabilities that provide the Soldier with the ability to access accurate and trusted time and position information. To effectively and efficiently manage the Army’s PNT equities within the Army and across the Department of Defense, Mr. Coggins will now report directly to ASA(ALT) and plan and manage PM PNT programs consistent with the policies and procedures issued by the Army Acquisition Executive.

Mr. Coggins has spent five years dedicated to PNT capabilities and technology implementation. Prior to his appointment to Program Manager, Mr. Coggins served as Deputy Product Director and later Product Director for PNT. He also served as the Project Lead for the Assured PNT Cross-Cutting Capability to the Army’s Common Operating Environment. His efforts have ensured that the Army achieves the ability to outpace the PNT threat, by increasing efficiencies in PNT operations and leading the way for major changes in PNT across the Army.

Mr. Coggins is a native of Pensacola, Florida, and is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps where he served as a Force Reconnaissance Team Leader. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida, with studies and research focused in the fields of computational neuroscience, signal processing and sensors. He attended Pensacola State College, where he studied pre-engineering.