Statement by Ms. Mary J. Miller, March 26, 2014

Ms. Mary Miller, Deputy Assistant of the Army for Research and Technology, testimony before the Intelligence, Emerging Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee on the United States Army Science and Technology (S&T) Program for fiscal year 2015 second session, 113th Congress March 26, 2014:

“Given the potential challenges that we face while operating in a more Contested environment, we are placing additional emphasis on assured Position, Navigation and Timing, developing technologies that allow navigation in Global Positioning System (GPS) denied/degraded environments for mounted and dismounted Soldiers and unmanned vehicles such as exploiting signals of opportunity. We will study improvements for high sensitivity GPS receivers that could allow acquisition and tracking in challenging locations such as under triple Canopy jungles, in urban areas, and inside buildings. We are developing Anti-Jam capabilities as well as supporting mission command with interference source detection, signal strength measurement, and with locating interference sources, thereby enabling the Army to conduct its mission in challenging electromagnetic environments.”

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